The 30 Day Accountability Challenge is moving right along and the Legal Suite is almost to an end. If this is your first article from the series, let me tell you what you can expect in the next 30 days. I am bringing you a review each day on some of the most useful apps found in the App Store (Sorry Android Users! I will do my next 30 Day Challenge just for you guys:))

I handpicked these apps for the small business owner (or the brand) that wants to set themselves up for success this year. Each app will be reviewed on 4 metrics and given a final score out of 100%. Those four metrics are:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Functionality
  3. Specs
  4. Integration with other Apps, Websites, Etc

And now, the next app in the “Legal Suite”- Itemize



Itemize App

Itemize is an app that allows you to create itemized list of your receipts. The app also allows you to track your mileage through taking pictures of your gas receipts. Itemize will categorize your receipts and even give you the name of the business with the logo for ease of use.

Now the deets…

  1. Ease of use

Itemize was fairly easy to set up. You can use your email address or Facebook account to start your account. They have even have an option to sync your Google Account. Once you upload your receipt, you can see all of the details of the purchase, payment type, and some more details that help you manage your expenses. The hidden gem in this app is the “Pay Me Back” feature where you can request money from other users through the app Venmo.

2. Functionality

This app’s functionality is pretty seamless. It was impressive that the app recognized the companies and automatically categorized the type of expense. Itemize has a great interface that shows you the overview of the receipts and gives you several options to categorize from reimbursement options, billable clients, work expense, job codes, tags, and notes. 

3. Specs

The basics are covered here:

  • Extract, compile and store expense data
  • Capture total amounts, VAT, sales tax and more
  • Organize digital  receipts from email
  • Apply project codes, tags, notes and customized information
  1. Integration with other Apps, Websites, Etc

Itemize has a “Pay Me Back” option that works with Venmo so you can request or send money to others.

Overall grade: 89.99%

Itemize is a convenient way to keep your expenses in one place. The details in  this app makes life easier when you are tracking your spending or putting together expense reports for your business. Being able to have all of your receipts in one place is great and the option to use Venmo makes this app worthy of your  time. Between the categories and the recognition of companies, this app is definitely a keeper. The only downfall is that you can’t get a thorough report through the free version. 

Small Business Application

Itemized reports are dire in business. You are able to keep up with where your finances are being spent but also you can keep up with the items you want to write off on your taxes. When you bring a financial report to your tax preparer, they will be extremely happy with you. Do your business a favor and put a system in place for tracking your financials.

Thanks for toughing it out with me! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s app and be sure to comment with your experiences with Itemize or any other financial app.