The 30 Day Accountability Challenge Day 6 is here and this is the beginning of the “Legal Suite.” This set of apps are making life easier as a business owner- everything from contracts to point of sale, these apps are the most helpful in this arena. If this is your first article in the series, let me tell you what you can expect in the next 30 days. I am bringing you a review each day on some of the most useful apps found in the App Store (Sorry Android Users! I will do my next 30 Day Challenge just for you guys:))

I handpicked these apps for the small business owner (or the brand) that wants to set themselves up for success this year. Each app will be reviewed on 4 metrics and given a final score out of 100%. Those four metrics are:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Functionality
  3. Specs
  4. Integration with other Apps, Websites, Etc

And now, legal apps. First up, Shake.

Shake App

The Shake app is a legal app that allows you to write general service contracts from your phone. You can even sign contracts directly through the app and tailor your contracts to the state you are located in. Shake is also associated with Legal Shield, a 40 year old legal service provider

Now the deets…

  1. Ease of use

Shake was easy to sign up for. Once inside of the app, the templates are pretty straightforward. You are even able to create your own contract if you don’t see the exact type of contract you need. When you select your contract of choice, Shake issues a series of short questions to fill out the necessary portions of the contract and finally the section for you to sign. 

2. Functionality

There is something special about being able to create contracts on the go. Shake not only allows you to write your agreements, , you can send the agreement to the recipient for review and signature and once they sign you receive an email alert and copy of the signed agreement. Shake is literally taking the headache out of contracting work. 

3. Specs

Shake is all about simplicity so there are really just 3 features.

  • Quick access to templates and contracts
  • Simple interface for ease of use and simple wording in contracts
  • Conveinence for all who access the agreement
  1. Integration with other Apps, Websites, Etc

Shake does have a hidden feature. You are able to add more templates through their website (


Overall grade: 99.99%

Shake has to be one of the most conveineent apps on the market for creating agreements. The fact that you can sign within the app is probably the most priceless feature. If the app had more templates available on the app (as opposed to having to go to the site to add them) then it would score higher with me.

Small Business Application

All business owners need to have contracts in place. Until you are able to hire an attorney, Shake is a great alternative to create legally binding agreements with your clients. Do not make the mistake of performing services or providing products without a contract in place that protects you and your client.

Thanks for toughing it out with me! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s app and be sure to comment with your experiences with Shake or any other contract creation app.