Are you creating better habits?

There are 2 weeks left in 2017 and people are starting to reflect on the choices they made over the course of the year- some good, some not so great. But have you noticed that it is rare to hear anyone speak in terms of habits? The truth of the matter is we all make decisions that impact us immediately. The question is do we take charge of the habits we have that impact the long term goals we want to accomplish?

This article is focused on the power of habits- creating or replacing- and how we can go into 2018 better prepared and ready to crush our bad habits once and for all.

First, let’s dive into the power of creating habits. Think of the time you were in 2nd grade and you were learning how to write letters. Day in and day out you had to continuously mark away in your book, and if you had a teacher who was a perfectionist, you couldn’t leave your desk until you reached their standard of perfection. This task was one of the first examples of your creating a habit. Now you write your name with no hesitation, and even developed a style for your signature. Through time you have mastered manuscript and cursive and can even show someone else the basics if need be. One of the best skilled you learned as a child that could not have happened without learning the detrimental skill of repetition. Your habit taught you that through repetition you are able to master skills small or large.

What Does this have to do with my business?

The power of habit is one of the most important lessons you can ever learn. In creating habits, we are creating our reality. The things we dedicate our mind to we establish as priority and those things become a part of our everyday lives.

In the context of business, if we made it a habit to reach out to 5 new people everyday, that would  increase in sales naturally. Think about it. At 5 new people per day, that is 140 new leads in a month. At a 1% close rate, you are looking at 1-2 new clients a month. On a high ticketed item or service, this could be huge! And that is the worst case scenario. Best case scenario is that we close a large amount of these leads and increase our sales tremendously.

Point is, through the act of repetition, we are able to create opportunities and that is what this series is all about: our ability to bring more success to ourselves and those around us through habit.

The next entry is about the habit of hesitation and how it can help discard one of the most disliked habits of them all.

What are some bad habits you are trying to get rid of in 2018 and beyond?

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