You: How do I gain more Followers on Twitter?

Me: Be One with Twitter

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Are you on Twitter but can’t seem to figure out how to gain more followers?


Well, you are in luck.


I am going to go through 5 steps that will help you gain 100 followers in a week. Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to more followers on Twitter.


Why do I want more followers on Twitter?

  1. Having more followers on Twitter helps you get your message out. The more people you have following you, the more people who will see your content and potentially share it to their network
  2. Be a part of a bigger conversation. Sometimes followers bring up issues and topics that may not be that obvious to us when we first post something
  3. Create leverage with your Twitter page and become an influencer. True it will only be 100 followers this week, but over time you can create some real steam that can mean 100’s of thousands of followers for you. More followers mean more leverage online and more notoriety. Speaking of which
  4. More credibility. When others see you increase your following, they will automatically think, “hey! who is this person and why do people want to follow them?”

First things first—-

A Quick Checklist for Your Profile

  • Make sure your profile is complete with a Bio and a profile picture. No one likes an “Egg”
  • Be sure you have a link in the website portion that either connects to your website or profile on another social media site
  • Follow at least 25 accounts that you have genuine interest in. Twitter suggests some of the most popular accounts when you sign up but you want to be sure you are following accounts YOU want to see content from.


Remember, Twitter is a great environment for your personality (however you would describe it) so treat this as a first conversation every time you tweet something. The rule of thumb is “best foot forward.”


Okay, now you’re ready for the flood of followers!

These 5 steps will get you 100 Twitter followers in a week. Ready?

  1. Find an influential person on Twitter that is in your same field of work (or that you admire)
  2. Scroll their account and find a topic they are talking about that you also know about
  3. “Reply all” to the tweet (Meaning add you value to the conversation and ‘Reply’ to all who have replied directly to the tweet–don’t worry Twitter allows you to ‘Reply All’ when you hit Reply.
  4. Keep the conversation going. Add links and references for your thought process.
  5. Follow the followers who interest you the most.

***Repeat steps for a different page/ person/ subject that interests you.***

You can literally do this for hashtags, people, companies, political leaders, etc. It is a good practice to only choose interests that are most aligned with yours.


And just like that, you will gain 100 new followers this week.


NOTE: Do not use your powers for evil.

Always be sure to practice good judgement in having conversations with strangers. You do not want to come off the wrong way, plus you only have 140 characters. So make it count!


Hope this helps! I was able to grow my personal Twitter account to about 10.6k in a few months using this method.


Let me know how it worked for you!

Leave a comment below.