Hey guys! Welcome back to The 30 Day Accountability Challenge! We are on Day 4 and it feel so good! If this is the first article you are seeing in the series, let me tell you what you can expect in the next 30 days. I am bringing you a review each day on some of the most useful apps found in the App Store (Sorry Android Users! I will do my next 30 Day Challenge just for you guys:))

I handpicked these apps for the small business owner (or the brand) that wants to set themselves up for success this year. Each app will be reviewed on 4 metrics and given a final score out of 100%. Those four metrics are:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Functionality
  3. Specs
  4. Integration with other Apps, Websites, Etc

First up in the series are productivity apps. Today is the Swipe app

Swipes App

The Swipes app is a free app that allows users to create simple to-do lists and organize your tasks according to your personal priorities. The game changer with the Swipes app is your ability to tackle tasks one priority at a time. When you sign up for Swipes, you will immediately notice how simple and straightforward the app is from the tutorial tasks.

Now the deets…

  1. Ease of use

Swipes has proven to be one of the more user friendly “advanced” to-do list creators in the market. You have two options for labeling your tasks (whether home or work) and can set new labels or “workspaces” as they are referred to) to organize your lists. Adding tasks is very intuitive and archiving is as easy as a swipe left. Speaking of swiping, you can schedule tasks for later by swiping right and there is an option to view all of your accomplished and archived tasks by swiping the empty space on your list (swipe left for completed tasks or swipe right for scheduled tasks).

2. Functionality

Swipes has “hidden” capabilities outside of the simplistic nature that allows you to add more depth to each task. For example, you can create action steps- the precise actions you may have to complete in order to complete the task. You are also able to create reminders so the task can be repeated daily, weekends, weekly, monthly or annually. Just like its competitors, Swipes allows you to add tags and even additional notes for the tasks.  

3. Specs

So many features, I will just limit this list to the Top 5

  • Gmail integration
  • Evernote integration
  • Dark and Light Theme
  • Data saved in cloud storage
  • Focuses on one tab at a time
  1. Integration with other Apps, Websites, Etc

Swipes is killing the game with the ability to 


Overall grade: 89.99%

Swipes really impressed me. For a to-do list app it has a ton of features that make it stand apart from its competitors. I really enjoyed the ability to add action tasks to my to-do lists and the reminders to plan the day. Not only that, but the fact that Swipes is compatible with Google and Evernote (both services I use almost daily). Swipes ease of use allows anyone to find use in creating tasks. Well done overall!


Small Business Application

Being productive as a business owner is one of the most essential parts of owning a business. Swipes is a great way to plan out your week and stick with it through reminders and focused lists. When you are able to narrow down the action tasks of your to-do list, it creates more attainable tasks, which means getting more done!



Thanks for toughing it out with me! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s app and be sure to comment with your experiences with Swipes or any other To-Do app.