The GiveBack Initative

Are You Ready to Get Involved?

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As gorgeous as Los Angeles is, we have a serious problem on our hands that is going to take care to solve: Homelessness.

There are currently approximately 60,000 homeless people in the Greater Los Angeles Area, of which 30% are women.

We can't fix homelessness by throwing money at the problem, but we can aid those who are going through it by providing supplies.

Our GiveBack Initiative is dedicated to helping at least 1,000 less fortunate women by supplying NON-TOXIC feminine products.

It's no secret that these women are sometimes left to be resourceful in order to meet their necessity, and that is why we are taking action.

We don't want these women to use toxic materials or be prone to infection especially since they may not have access to healthcare or practitioners.

We will make an impact, but we need your help!

If you are local and want to donate products in-kind, fill out the form and we will coordinate a time for pick up.

If you are unable to donate products, you can still help us by donating coupons, bags or money so we can purchase the products ourselves.

Here are the items we can accept:

- Non-Toxic Feminine Products including sanitary pads, panty liners and tampons

-Baby wipes or sanitary wipes



-Travel sized toiletries (NO mouthwash or hand sanitizer please)

You Can Donate Here as well.

Thank You for Your Support!