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Want to follow the most inspirational accounts on Instagram?

Then you are in the right place. Some times we need a little pick me up in our social media feeds. After countless hours of perusing, I have been able to come across some of the best pages (some known and some best kept secrets) so I figured I would help the next entrepreneur (or curious mind) and share what I have found. There are categories that I have included in the short description of each page,that way you can have a head’s up on what type of account I am referring to (consider it your cheat sheet for skimming through).



Here are the top 10 Instagram accounts to follow for everyday motivation

10. @Life_Playground

For those days you are looking for a little motivation in the form of expensive taste, Life Playground reminds me of the happy feeling you get when you open a gift from someone you weren’t expecting a gift from. I simply love the images this page uses to inspire!


9. @Avantstyle (Lifestyle/ Photography page)

Sometimes you just want to look at captivating images that make you stop dead in your feed, and Avant Style definitely delivers. I enjoy how this page captures moments (some staged but some are not). And of course it is always a breath of fresh air when you see some very stylish looks (at least I know it motivates me to shop).


8. @Successdiaries (Motivation Quotes and Stories Page)

The mini motivation of short quote graphics has been done so many times on Instagram, but Success Diaries has found a way to mix in some great story telling in between the clever quotes. Plus, the picture association seems to be pretty on point for each quote (which has become something so important to me for some reason).


7. @Garyvee (The personal page of Investor, Speaker, and Author Gary Vaynerchuk)

If you haven’t heard about Gary Vee’s Instagram page, I am absolutely sure that it was coming. Being one of the most famous digital stars of our time, and overall passionate businessman, Gary Vaynerchuk gets a lot of attention for his approach to motivation. Be careful if you are looking for a cookie cutter style of motivation, because this is not where you will find it. His mix of quote graphics, videos and stories make Gary Vee’s IG one of the best out there.

6. @Successblueprint (Motivation Quotes and Photography Page)

Not your ordinary quote page. Success Blueprint is one of the few pages that demands engagement with their powerful imagery, short and sweet quotes and realistic questions. What I personally love about this page is its ability show up in my feed exactly when I need those couple of words of encouragement.


5. @the_collection1 (Lifestyle and car Page)

The Collection is one of those lifestyle pages that give you a focused approach to motivation- through material means. This is definitely the car connoisseur’s page. With beautiful imagery and unique rides, The Collection definitely motivates  to attain some serious wheels at the very least.


4. @Blakescott_ (Lifestyle brand page)

Where fashion meets motivation. Blake Scott’s life is absolutely amazing and he does us the justice of sharing bits of it on his Instagram page. This page is one that is both visually aesthetic and motivational. I mean, I am working overtime to get that view of New York he has. Like, seriously.



3. @foundr (Media and Motivation Page)

One of my all time favorite pages on Instagram has  to be Foundr Magazine. After looking for great entrepreneurial pages to follow I stumbled upon  this gem. Not only does Foundr do a great job of sharing memorable quote graphics, they also keep you on your toes with the great interviews they conduct in each issue of the magazine. Be sure you give them a peek when you get a chance, promise you won’t regret it.


2.@Fastcompany (News and Media Page)

At first glance, Fast Company’s Instagram looks like a well put together yearbook with all the cool kids of the entrepreneurial world. But with further investigation, you will find that Fast Company is one of the best story telling pages on Instagram. And I’m not talking about some “how I got rich overnight” type stories either. I am talking about some real “how I got over” type stories from all angles and backgrounds. Simply beautifully put together, I must say. And definitely motivating.


1.@cereal.entrepreneur (Media and Publishing Page)

Last but certainly not least, Cereal Entrepreneur has been consistent with the positive messages, impressive imagery, and motivating content. I love Cereal because they always seem to find the balance between quote graphics and interesting featured content. I have found some of the most inspiring stories on Cereal that have lead to me following more people in the marketing industry. By far the best page for inspiration on Instagram in my opinion.



Be on the lookout for these new and developing motivational pages:

  2. @Millionaire_Professor
  3. @Executionsociety
  4. @exaltedcapital
  5. @premieremotivation

What pages do you follow on Instagram? Let me know what inspires you in the comments below!